About Us

Welcome to our Self-Advocacy Education Website

Self-advocates are people with disabilities who speak up for themselves. Sometimes self-advocates speak up to make big changes that affect many people. Other times, self-advocates speak up to make changes in their own lives.

Either way, self-advocates need education and training to take control of their lives. Self-advocates need to learn about leadership, advocacy, and other topics that they choose.

This website shares information about self-advocacy trainings in Massachusetts. Self-advocates can use this information to help them be the best they can be. Please share it with your friends.

Who are we?

This website is brought to you by INDEX, a program of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center in Massachusetts. INDEX’s website, www.DisabilityInfo.org, has all kinds of great information about programs and services for people with disabilities and those who support them.

INDEX helps support self-advocates by starting this website on self-advocacy training. INDEX maintains it with an advisory group of self-advocates who really want to learn more.

INDEX hopes you find the information about trainings useful. If you have information about a self-advocacy training not listed on our website, please contact Elizabeth Suydam at elizabeth.suydam@umassmed.edu.

Together we can all learn more and make a difference for ourselves and others.